On 21 February 1966 in Prague, an association of Czechoslovak  international automotive transport operators was established under  the name of ČESMAD, Interest Group of Enterprises of Czechoslovak  Automotive Transport. In the same year, the association was admitted  as a member of IRU (International Road Transport Union) in Geneva.  ČESMAD Association chose the capital of the former Czechoslovak  Socialist Republic, Prague, to be the location of its headquarters.

Four years later (1970), a ČESMAD branch for Slovakia was  established in Bratislava. After November 1989, an extraordinarily  explosive growth of private enterprise occurred in Czechoslovakia,  namely in the field of domestic and international road transport. The  membership of ČESMAD Slovakia Association started to grow  substantially and, at the plenary session in 1991 (Práčice na  Morave), for the first time in the history of the Association,  representatives of private entrepreneurs were elected to the  presidium.

The development of ČESMAD Association took a new direction since  June 1992, when the last joint assembly of Czech and Slovak  automotive transport operators was held. Two separate associations  were formed: ČESMAD Bohemia for the Czech Republic and ČESMAD  Slovakia for the Slovak Republic. Both associations elected their own  presidiums at plenary assemblies.

ČESMAD Slovakia Association was established on the basis of a  decision by the plenary assembly held on 7 June 1992 in Bratislava.  The Association was registered with the Ministry of Interior of the  Slovak Republic on 12 August 1992. On 10 October 1992, the 1st  plenary assembly was held.

Upon splitting of former Czecho-Slovakia on 1 January 1993, an  independent Slovak Republic was formed. Considering its  foreign-policy orientation, the Slovak Republic became a member of  the most important international governmental and non-governmental  organisations such as UN, Council of Europe, WHO and others.

The ČESMAD Slovakia Association made an effort to be included in  international structures as soon as possible. The most important  event for the Slovak road transport operators was the accession to  the International Road Transport Union IRU. The application to IRU  was filed by the Association on 26 February 1993. At a session of the  IRU Steering Committee in Lisbon on 23 April 1993, the ČESMAD  Slovakia Association was admitted as a full-fledged member. At the  autumn session of IRU in November 1993, a decision was taken that  starting from 1 January 1994, ČESMAD Slovakia Association becomes a  guaranteeing association within the meaning of the TIR Convention and  may issue TIR carnets to transport operators on its behalf and at its  responsibility.

6. They held the top positions in the Association…

Years 1970 – 1973 Ing. Vladislav Mošteňan, Head of ČESMAD  branch for Slovakia
Years 1973 – 1978 Ing. Ignác Bezák,  Head of ČESMAD branch for Slovakia
Years 1978 – 1987 Martin  Michalička, Head of ČESMAD branch for Slovakia
Years 1987 – 1991  Ing. Pavol Jelenek, Head of ČESMAD branch for Slovakia
Years 1991 – 1997 Ing. Jozef Antal, Head of ČESMAD branch for  Slovakia
Secretary/General Secretary of ČESMAD Slovakia  Association
Year 1997 Ing. Katarína Vinceová, in  commission of the function of the General Secretary of the ČESMAD  Slovakia Association 
Years 1998 – 2001 Ing. Robert Domček,  General Secretary of ČESMAD Slovakia Association 
Years 2001 – 2005 Ing.  Katarína Vinceová, General Secretary of ČESMAD  Slovakia Association
Years 2005 – 2007 Mgr. Roman Kment, General Secretary of ČESMAD  Slovakia Association
Since 2007 Ing. Pavol Reich, General Secretary of ČESMAD  Slovakia Association


Years 1992 – 1993 Jozef Blažek, Chairperson of ČESMAD Slovakia  Association
Years 1993 – 1996 Ing. Eduard Hladík,  Chairperson/President of ČESMAD Slovakia Association 
Years 1996 – 2001 Ing. Rudolf Valentíny, President of ČESMAD Slovakia  Association 
Years 2001 – 2005 Ing. Ondrej Chudý, President of  ČESMAD Slovakia Association

Years 2005 – 2010 Ing. Peter Halabrín, President of  ČESMAD Slovakia Association

Years 2010 – 2012 Ing. Pavol Jančovič, President of  ČESMAD Slovakia Association


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